• 3.5/5
Warm and fuzzy

Boasting a great portrayal of a 21st-century man and woman, Good vibes deal with, from anything to everything, the relationship of a millennial couple living in a metropolitan. Keeping up with societal and personal expectations all while trying to survive perils of marriage. threatens and strains the thread holding Lakshya Tripathi (Naveen Kasturia) and Jonita Tripathi (Maanvi Gagroo) together.

Both Jonita and Lakshya come from privileged backgrounds. Jonita's job provides for them financially and for the house, they have leased (which is hilarious serendipity in itself) while Lakshya is on a sabbatical and not looking for work for at least a year of the marriage. While the idea seemed fiscal in the beginning it now subjects Lakshya to introspecting his worth and Jonita wondering future as their married life keeps steering away from expectations. Nevertheless, never dying efforts to better the other, reasoned conversations and supportive yet inquisitive family makes sure things always fall in place at the end.

The show does a good job of being realistic and has a rich range of drama and emotions. The cast features a diverse array of characters all playing their parts with conviction. Writing is well thought and avoids superficial representations of love or life in a fast-paced modern world. The show is an interesting watch restoring faith in the idea of 'the one' and a sneak peek into the world of a new-age couple making and finding reasons to live and laugh.