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The Flash (2014)

High Expectation
As we have seen the flash as chatterer and enthusiastic character in Justice League this may disappoint you.
A spin off from tv series Arrow which has right amount of action,story,suspense behind it and the thing which may astonish you is its directly connected to Arrow which means you can see the plot and story clashing sometime in future and this is the fact which make this tv series more interesting.Two superheroes in one episode Hell Yeah for all DC lovers.
So finger crossed.Lets hope for the best.
Max Steel reviewed The Flash
Has potential
It has potential of being amazing show. Smallville was my favorite TV show (no surprise it completed 10 seasons), and now besides Arrow, I have found a new replacement for Smallville. Even though it is still early I am very excited for the flash.
CW is doing great work with arrow and now flash..Awesome..!!
Finally a TV series which shows the flash in a different light unlike the Justice League animated series where he is just a comic series. In this series the tragic side of Barry Allen is shown. The first 8 episodes are average and the emphasis is on character development. After this the main story starts to gather pace and things in Barry's life becomes clear. One of the main strengths of the show is the storyline. Apart from Tom Cavanaugh the acting is pretty bad. For DC comics fans this is a treat.
Worth your time
The first episode was pretty good indeed. It went pretty fast in starting but it was expected since its story line was already laid in The Arrow. Huge expectations from the upcoming episodes. Introduction of Somebody named Thawne ( probably Professor Zoom ) and the ending was enough for viewers to wait and stick to their screen as soon as the next episode arrives.
Second best from DC
Flash aka Barry Allen is the main character in this Comic based TV-series of DC. The main story-line one who lost his mother in his early days became a superhero who has superpower to run fast very fast, he is the fastest man alive with self-healing power. Now he beats his enemy as well society's enemy by using his superpower and help of Star lab, a super sci-fi laboratory of Dr. Harison Wales. He is in love with his childhood friend who has another boyfriend, also the same flash fights for justice for his father who is in jail.
This is another action packed superhero story from DC comics, Its the best creation of DC after Batman and Superman. It is a fortnight show and season is just over!! think about the popularity and be part of it...Peace
PAVITHRA reviewed The Flash
Watch, if you are not a science-geek rather a fantasy person.
A story about a man who gains speed equal to light and subsequently how he questions his powers and later trains them to put to use and saves people and the city. An engaging series with decent graphics with touch of comedy, love and romance.
If you are into Physics, you might find the series as irrational.
Else, with 5 seasons and 23episodes per season, this series would surely sought out your long-weekend.
Amazingly Amazing..
One of the best tv series in DC really loves the show. Flash is one of my favorite comic characters.the show really stood up to my expectation. the storyline is beautifully framed and the visual effects are amazing really love the show. the characters are really good and I really like the superpower of flash, killer frost, cisco etc. it is one of the must-watch series if you are a fan of DC comics.the best thing I liked about the show the show is the characters.Grant Gustin has really played the character of flash perfectly well and he does fit with the character of Barry Allen(The Flash).DO WATCH THIS AMAZING TV SERIES
Aditya reviewed The Flash
This is a good comic based series about a character from the DC comics. VFX are awesome but not up to that mark. Even though it's a science fictional it won't let you think it as a fake. The concept of physics used here is although not possible but somehow correct. But all the work of the comic has not been implemented in here so for the comic reader it is a bumpy ride. Some naggy character is there which is very annoying. Yes, I'm talking about Iris west as the story gathers around her. Also, he is amain superhero of Justice League, so he should have shown in some different respect. Sorry, no offense to the fans.
I think this t.v. series has got something that makes you addicted towards it. A perfect storyline,awesome action and great acting by the cast. Story of a man who get converted into a speedster by accident.Flash uses his powers of running fasts to defeat different villains who were also given powers from the same accident. A series full of adventure,action with funny and emotional moments. This series contains all the things a sci-fi addict will require- time travel,parallel universe etc. Being from the D.C. comics,IT is one of the #mustwatch series especially for the youngs who are fond of D.C. comics and Marvel studios.
Addiction reviewed The Flash
Worth the time
Spin off of arrow season....Arrow fan will not like it after watching first episode....but after second episode...bigger fan of The Flash than are arrow+flash spin off
Considering the limitations of implementing such a character which needs massive doses of VFX, CW seems to be doing a good job. Overall the Flash is a fun watch and the majority will love it.
Best DCTV show with great sci-fi theories and stunning visual effects.