The Fix Review

  • 3/5

It tells the story of the British betting scandal of 1964, following which a number of British professional footballers were jailed and banned from football for life for conspiring to fix the results of matches. Prominent among those jailed and banned were the Sheffield Wednesday F.C. stars Peter Swan, Tony Kay and David Layne.

The part of Mike Gabbert – the Sunday People journalist who led the investigation into the scandal – was played by Steve Coogan. Jason Isaacs played the part of Tony Kay, through whose eyes the story is largely told, while the part of Jimmy Gauld – the ex-footballer who masterminded the betting ring – was played by Christopher Fulford.

The story centres on Gabbert building his exclusive during the latter stages of the 1962/63 season, a time when Kay is becoming known as one of the best players in the game, having joined Everton, with whom he wins the League title.

Although the film is based on fact, some details and characters were fictionalised.

Neither David Layne or Peter Swan were consulted in the making of this film.

لە شەستەکانی سەدەی ڕابردوودا، یاریزانە لێهاتووەکانی تۆپی پێی بەریتانیی دوابەدوای یەک یارییەکانیان لەدەست دەدا بەهۆی وەرگرتنی بەرتیلەوە.