Must watch
This film is different from other superhero films. This film shows that how an ordinary man can also be a savior. You don't always need to be a masked man to save the innocent. You just need the right intentions to do the right things and sometimes misunderstandings took away that righteousness of yours.

Acting: Christian Bale will always remain our favorite Batman. Heath Ledger gave a memorable performance as the Joker. I don't think that anyone could even match his acting levels in near future for the same character.

Film: The cinematography was good for the whole film. It really captured the essence of the character of Joker. The direction by Christopher Nolan was fantastic as always. Dialogues were great. I found the script was loose at some points but overall it was good.

Final verdict: I would recommend it to everyone. I would rather say that it was more of learning film rather than a typical superhero film.
I rate it 9.5/10

well it is best part of batman trilogy.Heath ledger live the role of joker ,christian bale is fabulous as batman ,Christopher Nolan has once again produce a master piece.I would say it a must watch for every one #action packed
A Mask and A Thrill - A must watch
A rollercoaster of thrill and suspence, bringing out the characters of a comic book into live action, The Dark Knight is a must watch for anyone who intends to go for an intelligent and well scripted thriller, along with a well actioned climax. As usual, Christian Bale knows how to pose both as a eccentric billionaire and 'the vigilant of the dark' , which is expected and yet surprisingly smart. What's new is Heath Ledger's Joker and we are dragged out of the stereotypical idea that Ledger is 'just' an eye candy. Ledger's Joker brings out the darkest, cynical side of the comic's villain and his realistic acting subdues all sorts of criticism that were floated up before the release of the movie. His character and dialogues are an everlasting impression on the minds of people, and manages to create the haunting aura of a successful villain. All in all, the movie never fails to keep the audience engrossed throughout, and it an entertaining watch in all aspects.

One of the best action-packed superhero films ever made in history.Christopher Nolan makes sure along with some kick-ass action, the audience also enjoys the hair-raising antics of the joker, who later turned out to be the most loved villain in history of cinema. A little bit on the darker side as compared to other superhero films, the director makes sure the plot stays thrilling and entertaining and does not get dull at any point.
It was this trilogy of the Batman series which made the most loved superhero in the eyes of the audience , Christian Bale playing the attitude of Bruce Wayne with utter perfection.
please watch
A movie in which villain is appreciated more than the hero, not only for the acting but also for the role he has been playing and for the way he has played the role. deserved an OSCAR and got one too. one of the best work of director Christopher Nolan. a perfect entertaining, action, thriller movie one want to watch. a must watch before you die. my only regret in life is I din't watch it in the movie hall. must watch
Immortal. Period.
The epitome of what a thriller should be.
A broken hero, a crazy villain, a seemingly unbreakable city. The Dark Knight is everything you expect from a movie. It's immortality is majored by two main factors:- Ledger and Nolan.
Heath Ledger's act, simply put, is one of the greatest performances of all time in live action cinema. He gave it all. He managed not only to stand out of the entire cast of Oscar nominated actors, but mark the beginning of the period where Superheroes weren't "kid's stuff". It deals with complex philosophical issues and infuses them into an adrenaline pumping story. Combine this with the genius of Sir Christopher Nolan, you get a riveting thriller that's sure to keep you at the edge of your seats. The only mistake it does is IT ENDS.
Christian Bale often is overshadowed by Ledger's towering performance, but manages to still be the best Bat out there. Michael Caine is, well, Michael Caine. Morgan freeman has a very short role, but manages to leave a mark as he always does. Special mention to the stunt doubles and action choreographers. (The truck flip is UNBELIEVABLE.)
If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favour. Go watch it.

Dark and Complex.
Creating a perfect villain is easy. But the ability to bring that villain to life on screen is the Hercules task. In the second film of Dark Knight trilogy, Heath Ledger gave his all into this portrayal of Joker. Trust me, Christian Bale has done a wonderful Job. But, he is nowhere close to Heath. The true test of man's ideas to push his limits to bring out the bad out of him. What we needed was an action movie, but Christopher Nolan gave us a thriller. Truly an amazing job.
#witty #emotional #entertaining
I dont need to give review of this cult movie Nolan Zimmer Ledger Bale became legends after this movie #ripHeathLedger Joker is the best Anti-Hero ever and the movie is the best SuperHero Movie till date
I think this movie has been always #Kickass and a #Action one. I wished I could have batman car. Man that car is killing #stylish. This movie also has #intense #actionpacked and #exciting #heist and #Batman ?
I'm a huge fan of Batman,and this movie is by far the best of then all. Heath Ledger has played Joker to such levels of perfection,that I'm sure no one can ever reach,and he was so true to his character that you can actually see his psycho-mania unfold in front of you,as the movie goes on. Christopher Nolan is just beyond words,he not only manages to captivate,but also stuns and makes his audience think,and shows us how he is truly a master of all genres. its a must watch movie,and if you haven't,youre missing upon something in life
A quality film by Chrishtopher Nolan. The roles of batman and the joker are truly magnificent in their character. The decision made by batman to become a criminal before the peoples of gotham justifies the true spirit of heroism. A must watch for action lovers.
"if any one who dose not like the movie Please put a smile on your face just #mesmerizing the storytelling of nolan just #mindblowing. One of the movie that just told me making movies
heroes lovers
being a batman fan , I can say it is the most promising movie that I can watch 100 times without being bored. An awesome story line with its awesome techno devices. This batman sure be loved by all.
The Dark Knight is everything an action movie should be: thrilling, suspenseful, epic and chock-full of action sequences that sometimes are as amusing as they are visually stimulating. But it's also an emotional journey that's so intricately weaved into the fabric of the movie it doesn't at all seem out of place (or disingenuous). Ledger's chilling (terrifying, nihilistic) portrayal of the Joker is certain to go down in cinematic history as one of the greatest villains of all time and even then it might still be slightly under-appreciated. Nolan has succeeded in creating a genre-defying (and defining) film on such a grandiose scale, and with so little room for error, that he must be praised for what he truly is: a directorial savant.
'The Dark Knight' is a dazzling epic filled with excellent performances and incredible action sequences. It is a triumph on pretty much every front and, while perhaps it does not quite reach the dizzy heights of director Christopher Nolan's more recent 'Inception', it still packs a mighty. The acting is some of the best i have ever seen, you really feel like you know these characters at a personal level by the end. The joker really pushes batman closer and closer to the line the separates crime-fighter and vigilante. And Bruce Wayne struggles to keep his personal life away from his batman side. Heath ledger is amazing as the joker, he does everything correct, even the signature laugh. At one part the joker is sticking his head out of a police car enjoying the chaos that he just put upon Gotham. This movie is the darkest batman movie ever, this new take on the batman franchise is great. And this movie really embodies how Nolan wants Batman to be. And the movie is just overall amazing!