Tanhaiyan Review

  • 4.5/5
Heart Warming
[contains spoilers]

This was honestly the first Indian web series I had watched and I fell in love with Barun Sobti all over again. Even though it was only for 9 episodes, it hit my heart hard. We are generally used to watch these type of stories in the middle of the daily soaps but this drama detached all the melodrama's and attachment with several supporting characters and concentrated on rather these two characters Haider and Meera.

Instead of dwelling into the backstory and family drama, the main focus remained on the wedding and the on-growing flirty friendship is what attracted most of the youth to this web series. After watching several forms of love stories on Indian Television, watching Tanhaiyan made me actually connect with it and get that heart warming feeling than thinking of which evil family member might start some new conspiracy now.