Summer Love Review

Amish Gupta
  • 4/5
Honest and incredibly mature

Ah! In a sea of mediocre series with overblown characters, Summer Love is a down-to-earth, simple piece of production that greets you like a summer breeze. It makes you believe in the power of filmmaking by going back to the basics --the story and the characters-- a refreshingly rare move today. The story starts off mid-dialogue, which is one of the most ingenious ways to get the audience hooked. It then ascends at just the right pace and we take a seat inside the characters’ minds as they narrate their feelings and their journey together.

Unlike other shows in the genre, this one chooses to make both the characters’ stories heard, and not just the male lead’s. The show is cute but sticks incredibly well to realistic scenarios. The background score is incredibly well-placed and the characters’ chemistry is almost unreal. They mesh incredibly well, and the story does a stellar job of portraying love-- from overthinking about his cues to using an ice cream to symbolize their feelings--the show puts a lot of effort into the little things, and, in the show’s lingo, isn’t it the little things that matter the most?

This is a must-watch if you’re fond of intelligent storylines and creative character arcs.