Shaandaar Review

Maulin Parmar
  • 3.5/5
A Fairy-tale love story, which is very unusual!

A Vikas Bahl movie, starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, in the banner of Fox, Dharma and Phantom, has been released. It also features Pankaj Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor and Sanah Kapoor.

A destination wedding movie, which also describes a fairy-tale love-story, the relation between father and daughter, the importance of self esteem and teaches to live free without any pressure or burden.

I loved every frame of the film which is offering something refreshing and new. And this also happens because of the superb cinematography by Anil Mehta. Costumes and sets are perfectly suitable to the royal family of the movie.

Shahid Kapoor is so cool. We all know that after Haider, he can't do better in this type of film. Alia looks so pretty, beautiful and simply amazing. I fell in love with her as same as Shahid fell in the film! Pankaj Kapoor is as usual good. Chemistry between Alia and him, and even Shahid and him, are too good. Sanah is a good character of the film. Very few people know that she is Shahid's sister in real. Sanjay Kapoor can able to make me laugh at some point. The Grandma is a fun, and alslo that little boy who always wants to kill her. Two girls, the modern girls, talking in short words, are fun, too. Karan Johar's cameo is good. Others are enjoyable.

Music by Amit Trivedi is good. Though I don't find any suitable song in the mood of the movie. But, Gulabo can somehow manage to stay with the flow. Even Senti Wali Mental and Raita Fail Gaya, too. Shaam Shaandaar is cool but isn't suitable with the flow. Background songs like Eena Meena Deeka, Nind Na Mujhko Aaye and Nazdikiyaan are acceptable. The picturization of the song Nazdikiyaan has some wow moments.

After Queen, everyone is expecting something better from Vikas. And just because of that, they are finding this boring. Just take my advice and go to the hall without any expectations, simply enjoy the movie, and I'm damn sure that you will come out from the theater with a smiley face. Girls will surely enjoy the conversations of Shahid-Alia, because I've heard some voices like Awww! I can't say about the boys, but they may enjoy this because of Pankaj Kapoor. I loved all, so may be I'm not a boy, I'm a fan-boy!

Kudos to the team, this is what I like, an unusual flick!

True bro...expectations are making disappointing. Just go to movie and enjoy.
Maulin Parmar
After Queen, everyone is expecting something better than it, but, Vikas has clearly told that he wanted to make a different type of movie, like a comedy or a masala movie.