Shakuntalam Review

  • 2/5

Good - The acting was nice. Some of the explanations about mythology were nice. Some of the music was great.

Bad - Terrible CGI made me feel like I watching was 1980's TV series. The fight scenes did not seem to be choreographed well and seemed laughable. The story line was not smooth - it seemed like they spent too many minutes on unnecessary things and too few on critical moments. It did not engage me enough because of this.

The plot line was made unnecessarily sexist and could have been retold in a better manner without casting so much blame on Shakuntala and shows how they look down upon her. The audience doesn't need a dialogue to remind us about what Shakuntala did wrong and nitpick on her.

The movie is named after Shakuntala but little is explained from her point of view. She is a passive person in the chain of events where everyone uses an opportunity to criticize her.

For example, the dialogues said when the priests from Kanva Rishi's hermitage leave Shakuntala in the King's court, when Kashyap tells Shakuntala, you brought the curse upon yourself etc.