• 4.5/5
Kick-Arse action and gripping adventure!

Ready Player one is a movie I have been eagerly awaiting since I read the book and heard that Spielberg is making the movie adaptation…

Also.. it didn’t release on time and I had to go see Baaghi 2 (read up that review!)

So finally, after another week of agonizing wait I finally got to experience this movie.

This is a film, not to be just seen but experienced in Imax…

Is it the best Spielberg film? Not even close… but it is the best film he has made in decades…

Somehow I felt like I was a child again and I was seeing a film made specifically for me. I know its illogical, but the somehow this famous Hollywood director has made a film which feels like its tailored just for the geeks… (namely myself and other geeks worldwide).

It’s a treasure trove of Movies, Games and Music easter eggs. There are too many references to recount but somehow it ALL just works and flows together.

Let’s come to the Plot:

The plot and premise is same as the book, there are 3 keys hidden in a Virtual Reality world called the oasis and the first one to find them all will win the ownership of the VR world. Simple.

The characters in the movie are there just to serve up nonstop cinematic action, movie trivia and game references. I cannot imagine anyone other than Spielberg who won’t screw it up royally.

Acting & Action :

The acting is typical for an action movie, not too deep but not bad enough to pull you out of the cinema. The acting is not why anyone will go for this film…

This film has some of the best driving, war and fight action seen in recent times. The effect is like seeing the Matrix meets Wreck It Ralph…

The visual FX is good, the VR world looks very modern day game like, yet is sci-fi enough to not yet be a reality.

The music is by allan silvestri of back to the future fame and who does an good job in making the music feel like a refence to the 80s (which it is)

Direction :

The author of the book himself couldn’t believe that they had gotten Steven Spielberg to direct the film. I myself was a bit tepid about this, since the BERG has made some pretty mediocre films in the last few years, from war of the worlds to bridge of spies to the BFG (which sank without a trace)

But Spielberg is back in action and has (I repeat myself) made his BEST film in more than a decade. His direction style is old school, his shots and editing are classic and they WORK big time. The action is pretty big and epic but they don’t overdo it and kill out the plot of the film.

Rating :

This film spoke to me in way a lot of films don’t. As fan of the book and being 100% the target demographic for this film, I would love to Rate it 10 / 10.

But as a film reviewer, I do see some small niggling issues, nothing worth griping about, but it drags my score down to a 8/10. A Damn good fun at the cinema!

This is a MUST watch film in Imax 3D… this movie rocks!

Overall :

This is a film for the nerds and geeks, the hero drives a Delorean from Back to the Future. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, then you might as well stay away!

But to those who would like to see King Kong, Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, the Delorean, Iron Giant along with 100s of more such characters in one spectacular action adventure, then…

Ready, Player one ?