I mostly loved Raees. I'vebeen so looking forward to this date " finally a new Shahrukh Khan film.

Raees is a great character for Shahrukh. He's playing a gangster " but a bootlegger with a heart, who makes dinner for his wife. He's got a lot of swagger and panache to him, and we are totally on his side as he seems to only kill bad people.

I love how the film starts, with the child Raees who works as a lookout and a mule for the local bootlegger. Even as a kid, he has lots of moxie, and you never, ever call him four-eyes.

Full review here: https://moviemavengal.com/2017/01/26/raees-a-great-character-for-srk-and-a-crowd-pleaser-of-a-film/

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