• 3.5/5

In the thriller Oppam [Together] Mohanlal plays a blind man suspected of murder. Mohanlal was predictably fantastic and subtle in the ways he portrays his blindness. Because it's Mohanlal, with his innate intelligence, we can totally believe that the blindness of his character has led to super senses of smell and hearing. He's not quite Daredevil level superhero, but he does have a couple of dramatic fight scenes. He's proficient in martial arts despite his blindness. (Of course he is.) I still need to see Drishyam (the DVD is in my pile!), so this is my first Mohanlal thriller. Without him, this film just would feel formulaic. Mohanlal brings just that extra special something to every film. Read the rest here: https://moviemavengal.com/2016/10/07/oppam-mohanlals-masterful-performance-as-a-blind-man-accused-of-murder-elevates-this-thriller/

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