Under two hours is just not enough time for all the things this film wanted to be and do. I have been anticipating Noor for months and months, mostly because I heard comedian Kanan Gill was going to have his debut in a Bollywood film. If you're not familiar with Kanan Gill, he has a hilarious Pretentious Bollywood Review Youtube channel, and is extremely amusing on Snapchat [@kanangill].

Kanan Gill plays the character Saad from the book Karachi, You're Killing Me by Saba Imtiaz who is the childhood best friend of Sonakshi Sinha's Noor (Ayesha in the book). There are films that have improved upon the source novel, but Noor is not one of those films. Karachi, You're Killing Me at first seems like a Bridget Jones knockoff, but the unique thing about it is the city it's set in -- Karachi, Pakistan! In the book, Ayesha is a journalist with an incompetent male boss, and she covers everything from terrorist bombings to fashion shows. It gave you a true sense of her life in the city in all its variety -- how she had to get her liquor from her bootlegger --- and how she loves the city, but also yearns for an international life working for CNN. The novel reaches a real peak near the end when she and her boss are caught in a terrorist bombing, and her calm quick thinking saves her boss.

Noor the movie has some of the same fun light tone in the first half. Like Bridget Jones, Noor obsesses about her weight, snacks on junk food, drinks a bit too much, and feels that attractive young men are merely an "urban legend" in Mumbai. Changing the film's setting to Mumbai just inherently takes away what was so unique about the novel. But I think Sonakshi does a great job still in playing Noor. She's a modern young woman journalist, who cringes at doing a Sunny Leone interview when she really wants to be doing SERIOUS work.

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