• 4.5/5
Not your everyday Angels!

Even angels don’t have it all sunny and bright. They can have troubles. They can get tired and most importantly they can be cheeky too.

This Brazilian Netflix original has managed to perfect a very vivid ‘angelic’ universe in just a few fast-paced episodes. The show puts a whole new spin on the saintly persona inherent to angels and portrays their very human side.

The first episode is quite descriptive about the laws and working of their universe. Ulisses is the new angel who has been created nearly 300 years after the last one was. He has been assigned to Greta and Chun for his training of his share of work. Angels have been completing their assignments no-questions-asked since centuries, however, Ulisses is skeptical of the system and not just likes to question but challenge the institution. Within a short span of his existence he manages to break all four cardinal rules of the angelic universe and convinces other angels to follow suit.

There is a lot happening in the show. Along with a well written humor and enticing plot, the angels have a lot to offer. They see humans with contempt as fragile, icky and perishable entities, yet they are there when we need them.

Don’t even think twice before binging this beauty, just dive straight in!