• 4.5/5

was absolutely gobsmacked by the amazing performance of Prithviraj in the Malayalam crime mystery drama Mumbai Police. I had seen Prithviraj in a stellar if unflashy supporting role in the Hindi film Aurangzeb, also as a cop. Then I saw Classmates as I was told how influential it is in modern Malayalam cinema. He was very solid also in the romantic drama Ennu Ninte Moideen. I had been impressed by his body of work, but nothing prepared me for his incredible performance in Mumbai Police. Essentially, he's almost playing a double role. In the opening scene, Tony (Prithviraj) is driving down an empty street at night in his police jeep. He is speaking into a phone saying, "I have found the culprit." in Malayalam and then repeats it in English. Suddenly a refrigerator falls off a truck in front of him, and he swerves and the jeep rolls over. The next scene has a bewildered scarred Tony in a car with Farhan who tells Tony he is his best friend. Tony has lost all his memory, and this fellow cop friend and the doctor are the only people who know that. Tony was in the middle of the investigation of the murder of a fellow policeman and the political and press pressure is intense for the case to be solved. This film has become one of my all-time favorite Malayalam films! Read the rest of my review here: https://moviemavengal.com/2016/08/11/mumbai-police-prithvirajs-stunning-performance-in-this-film-gobsmacked-me/

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