A twisted tale of love in the heart of Hollywood
[contains spoilers]

Hollywood of all it's glitz and glamour, holds something dark and sinister within it as well.

The movie is directed by David Lynch and gives off a heart pounding, edge of the seat vibe throughout the movie.

The movie revolves around an actress trying to make it big in Hollywood, but like every other industry succumbs to its glamour and fails to notice it's self absorbing side. The film has lots of different interpretation to it, something which is common to all David Lynch movies. It has all the elements that makes the movie a twisted dark fantasy.

The background music is particularly important as without it the special scenes are useless.

Naomi Watts plays a dual character in this movie, one of a distraught Hollywood actress and one of a woman who comes to Hollywood for the first time, looking for her big break. You'd be taken into a ride inside a very very twisted mind of someone whose thinking is fogged by lust and revenge. The entire movie at first glance will not make any sense to you, and that is perfectly fine, it's supposed to be that way. All the different characters and their respective story lines would make you feel as though there is no connection between any of them, but look deeper and you will find the connection.

Laura Harring plays a very vital role in the movie as well, as without her presence and actions Naomi Watts's character is nothing. It can be said in a way that Laura Harring's character gives birth to the twisted progression of events we see in Mulholland Drive.

To say that Mulholland Drive has an ending is and will be totally false, because there is no ending. It's all up to the viewer to separate two distinct plot lines and understand which one is the reality and which one is the illusion.

Mulholland Drive is not a movie that makes perfect sense, but if you have an open mind and a will to connect the dots and make theories about the impossible, this is one movie you should not miss. It should however be noted that the nudity factor is extreme in the movie, and you might want to check up on that before getting into it.

Like they say, 'Everything is an Illusion' in this world.


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