Mirzapur Review

  • 3.5/5

it is an Indian crime thriller web television series and it's one hell of a tv show which will give you goosebumps . This show reveals the black market and shows that how unemployment is on it's rise nowadays forcing the youth of Mirzapur to join the world of crime for instantly making money. it really captures the horrific and brutal scenes well .story was well formulated and extremely well pictured. the cast was awesome. female characters were not just plot accelerators , they had their own importance in the series. Pankaj tripathi as kaleen bhaiya is the clear star of the show .Gripping performances by him is the heart and soul of the series. There are several new faces who have done excellent acting. Direction ,story writing and acting are brilliant. Apart from this another thing i would like to mention here is the work editing team has done is worth appreciation .i just love the timings of background music and sound effects played at different moments. you'll get it after watching it.