Mirzapur Review

  • 3.5/5

Mirzapur, a series about the power hungry son and the jealous nature he exhibits due to his father’s trust lying more on it henchman.

This series shows the darker part of the North India, especially Uttar Pradesh which has been noted of its constant widespread of violence. A story about power jealous Munna and his father issues does strike a resemblance is what most of the boys feel at a certain age. The father’s Hench men – Babulu and Guddu have a nice character arc development throughout the series. From being against the whole concept of “violence” to them taking an upper hand in killing and increasing the business of selling of illegal things flowing around the city.

The show’s main focus is on guns and violence, and at some episodes the bloodshed exceeds the “entertainment” limit and rather becomes lagging as the viewer gets bored with the never ending and over normalization of gunshots, death and violence.

The show often forget its moral centre, making the viewers confused about the monotonous narrative of the script. The actors justify their roles, Munna played by Divyendu Sharma, perfectly shows an over pampered, power hungry yet having streaks of unworthiness in his character. Kaleen Bhaiyya played by Pankaj Tripathi also justifies its dominative and authoritative role .

Apart from this , this show also gives the viewers a taste in how male patriarchy resulted in inhibiting a women's secuality, thereby making her explore other options. With sex also being one of the minor role, it makes us perplexed about the reality of various things happening in households across the country.

The script being a bit monotonous which resulted in lagging of the series, sometimes makes the viewer abandon the show midway. With drugs and rape being prominent in the series, it makes us audience wonder how many parts of India are still unprotected from this sort of crimes.