• 3.5/5
Just a tad bit shy from a wholesome entertainer.

A show about marriage, family, and therapy to tie the two together, Mind The Malhotras is a welcome revision in typical family dynamics. Worried about their relationship after all of their friends have had divorces, the Malhotras Rishabh (Cyrus Sahukar) and Shefali (Mini Mathur) decide to attend couple's therapy.

Wacky and comical interactions with the therapist, the recollection of unconventional instances in their married life, and a constant concern for their quirky son make up for most of the comedy in the show. Although the daughters have a scarce presence and a bit bland one too, the character of mother-in-law is a great addition.

The situations may seem a bit cliche and worn out at times, the actors, however, manage to pull off most scenes convincingly despite the choppy writing. The show could definitely use some solid punch lines and more frivolous situations to make it memorable.

It's a light-hearted entertainer, will not completely knock your shoes off, but will not disappoint either.