Amish Gupta
  • 3/5
Silly and goofy

If you're into goofy, silly gags and a script that isn't afraid to make fun of its own plot then 'Medical Police' will manage to both entertain you and perplex you with its unusual form of comedy that works by concocting ridiculous scenarios and quickly going off at tangents from set moods and expected outcomes.

After Dr. Lola Suspects a virus outbreak to be far more consequential than its current state. One thing leads to another and Dr Lola (Erinn Hayes) and her (weird) ex Dr Owen (Rob Huebel) end up working for the CIA. The series follow their mission of putting a stop to the possible bioterrorism. Performances are spot on even if writing struggles every now and then. Beside our saviors – children specialists turned secret agents, most secondary characters are written and performed just as good.

With episodes no longer than 30 minutes- a sweet spot for comedy shows- there isn't much to complain. The series even gets better after the first episode which feels a bit too dragged even by the show's standards.

By building surreal, unexpected goofs and completely flushing logic down the drain most times, the aim is to take the viewer by surprise and invoke a chuckle at expense of sheer absurdity. I see absolutely no harm in experiencing this quirky show firsthand for yourself and figuring if it's your cup of tea or not. Either way, it won't be an utter waste of time.