• 4.5/5
Spun where dreams are made.

It might not be made in actual heaven, but it has been spun someplace where dreams are made. Directorial ingenuity speaks volumes and production design is the embodiment of finesse. Grandeur, although, is an indispensable part of the central idea (shortcomings in the weddings of the uber-rich), is at no point ostentatious or distasteful.

Actors are successful in showcasing multidimensional characters effortlessly and each episode unfurls a new nuance of the character, making them human, and helping the viewers resonate with their emotional struggles. From the surreal on-screen of the presence of Sobhita Dhulipala as Tara Khanna, wife of a filthy rich business tycoon Adil Khanna (Jim Sarbh) to Kalki Koechlin's flawless embodiment of Faiza Naqvi or Arjun Mathur's portrayal of a closeted gay man Karan Mehra, the show remains consistent and true to the theme.

The web-series being an amalgamation of various hues of emotions, drama, and retribution. It becomes an instant top contender on anyone's binge-list.