Karwaan Review

  • 4.5/5
Hindi Cinema's Pride in this era

Some films have the ability to keep the standard which the trailer had set. Some can even increase the bar, too. Karwaan is one such movie which definitely takes place in both these category.

Dulquer Salmaan is debuting in Bollywood, along with Mithila Palkar and the legendary actor Irrfan! Director Akarsh Khurana takes us in the ride which teaches us the meaning of life in a very subtle way. No burden, just chill!

'Main Akela Hi Chala Tha Janib-E-Manzil Magar, Log Saath Aate Gaye Aur Kaarwaan Banta Gaya!' This is a couplet by Majrooh Sultanpuri, which is used here on the jeep, on which DQ and Irrfan start their journey of picking up the right body by exchanging the wrong one. The adventures are there to welcome all of us.

Irrfan is such a charismatic actor. How can a person make audience laugh everytime when he's on the screen! I mean, in a minute, if he comes like 4 times, then every 4 times we laugh a lot. This is his last movie before going to America for cancer treatment. So, guys don't miss the chance.

DQ is a superstar in Malyalam Cinema. He plays his character with maturity. No superstar can play this type of role so subtly. The transition which his character takes is awesome. Though, this character is similar to many people whom I know. The complexity of a father and son relationship is never described so gently like this. Every father and son should watch this character to understand the unsaid things about that relationship.

Mithila Palkar plays a character of a girl who reflects the modern girl of the new era. She is as usual fantastic. Her bond with her mother, or even with her maternal grandmother is rare and rich. There are many things which we can take from the film to enhance our day-to-day life. For that, just a watch is needed.

Music is so fresh that I liked all songs. Chhota Sa Fasana by Arijit Singh is soulful. While, Heartquake by Papon is full-on masti song as per what the story needs at that point. The cinematography by Avinash Arun is too good, that too in the greenery of Ooty and Kochi. Many scenes are there in the movie which can be used as a wallpaper or a cover picture for sure.

Akarsh Khurana is a debutant director. And from the very first movie, he gonna make many fans, including me. Written by Bejoy Nambiar, this film is something one can watch it over and over again whenever one is depressed or stressed out. The film has a charging plug which gives you the voltage you required at that time. The dialogues in the prayer are fabulous. The terms of Mom and Dad are explained finely. Although, there are many unique one liners as well. Like my most favorite one is by Irrfan, saying 'Tere Liye To Main Sabzi Bhi Khaa Loon!'

Conversation with foreigners, Shayari sequence at hospital, chatting with an old man with Shehnaai, even usage of Shehnaai in the background at a seriously funny scene, the Rumi Talk, and so on.... These are some scenes which truly touched my heart or my lungs through laughing!

I can't find any minus point. I enjoyed it immensely. Ratings, reviews and collection- all are fantastic. Hence, this is one of the best Hindi Films. Will be watched over and over and over, again!