Karwaan Review

  • 4/5
A Motivating Plot

This film is going to teach you how to happily live life, instead of being sophisticated. The first thing I would like to praise the film about is its cinematography and location settings. It has beautifully captured the scenaric Ooty.

Now, coming on to the plot. It is actually quite humorous and disturbing though. Individuals have to travel a long way to deliver a dead body and get another, as both of them have been replaced. There is a good humour which is placed perfectly and it is there only at those points where it is required. There is no unnecesary fitting of humour. The dialogues are good. They are humorous, they are touching, they are sweet. They are good and apt to the plot.

The music is good. It might not be worth remembering, but is apt to the scene and is tuneful to hear.

The direction is good. All praises for the cinematography and the hardships which the technical crew might have gone through.

All the performances of the cast is great. I would say that Irrfan Khan is the lead actor. He just nails the show with his perfect comic timing and soulful performance. Dulqueer Salman' debut is good to watch. He did a good job. Mithila Parker was also good.

Overall, the film is a living experience for all those depression-ers and even for everyone, I'd say. Watch it for its natural cinematography.