• 2/5

On a whim, I started watching it because it was included with Amazon Prime. I googled it midway in and saw that it is a remake, and a bad one, of The Wedding Singer.

I don't know why I didn't bail mid-movie. I watched it in pieces over the weekend, and just finished it.

There were just a few scenes that had any magic -- like when Salman and Rani have to play act a wedding for some reason, and they look longingly at each other. Zing! That one hit me.

But most of it Salman spends drunk, and slurring in a very high falsetto fakey voice that I grew to absolutely hate.

And of course Rani's NRI fiance is a total douche. Drinking and cheating and on and on. But STILL she couldn't go to Salman on the plane until he gave his approving nod. Blech! I wanted to gag.

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