Kaala Review

  • 3.5/5
Impeccable performances with an average plot

Kaala is the story of the leader who could go to any length to protect his people. He gets challenged by a politician who wants to acquire his land to meet his causes. What happens after their chaallenges forms the rest of the story.

The performances of the cast are brilliant. Rajnikanth is stylish as ever. I don't know how he could nail such extreme roles with such an audacity and expertise. No one else could have done justice to his role. Nana Patekar is good to watch to. He plays his part well of a villanous politician. He effectively delivers his dialogues with a sturd in it. Sampath Raj is also good. Pankaj Tripathi could have been given a beteer role owing to his talent. Huma Qureshi was good, but I felt her role was just to provide a romantic and melodramatic layer to the story.

P.A Ranjith does his job well. THe writing could have been better. The film has such a good talent, but lacks a good story. The screenplay was fine. Music was Okay. Overall, you can watch the film only for its top-notch performances. But if you are expecting a perfect plot, stop expecting.

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