Iru Mugan Review

  • 3.5/5
Vikram's charisma powers a predictable, yet intersting plot.

Irumugan is a Tamil film starring Chiyaan Vikram, Nayanthara and Nithya Menon in prominent roles.

I was excited to watch this film, as I had loved Vikram's performance in I. So I gave it a watch. LEt's have a talk about that.

Plotline & Screenplay:

An ex-Raw agent is recruited on a mission to catch hold of a terrorist who plans on infiltrating the security and peace of the world.

As evident from the plotline, its a cop thriller with pinches of drama and romance. The screenplay is a bit light on the story, as it sways away from it at parts, but that's OK. It gives you a break.


Vikram is as charismatic as ever. He is true in every stae, as a lover, as an agent, as the villain, he is truly grossing. Nayanthara and Nithya Menon also did justice to their parts. Thambi Ramaiah will give you the tickles at parts, but at some parts you'll feel he is unnecessarily added.


Songs are good. Background Music is also good, specially the main theme.

Direction & Cinematography:

Anand Shankar did his job well, and he deserves the praise. Cinematography of the film is good. I loved the scenes filmed in Shimla.


You can watch this film, for his audacity, for his freshness, for his performance, and for the light plot, if you wish to. A one time deserving watch.