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In February 1961, Llewyn Davis is a struggling folk singer in New York City's Greenwich Village. His recent solo album Inside Llewyn Davis is not selling; he has no money and is sleeping on the couches of friends and acquaintances. After playing The Gaslight Café one night he is beaten up in the alley behind the café, for reasons not immediately apparent, by a shadowy man in hat and suit with a southern accent.

Davis awakens in the apartment of two friends, the Gorfeins. As he leaves, their cat escapes and is locked out of the apartment. Davis takes him to the apartment of Jim and Jean Berkey, where Jean reluctantly agrees to allow Davis to stay the night, despite already having promised as much to another aspiring folk singer/songwriter, Troy Nelson, a young military man stationed at nearby Fort Dix. Jean informs Davis that she is pregnant, and that Davis could be the father. The next morning, Davis opens a window and the Gorfeins' cat escapes the Berkeys' apartment. Later, Jean asks Davis to pay for an abortion, though she is upset it may be Jim's child she is losing.

Davis visits his sister, hoping to borrow money. Instead she gives him a box of his belongings, which he tells her to leave outside by the curb. She mentions that he could make money by returning to the Merchant Marine. On Jim's invitation, Davis records a space travel-themed novelty song with Jim and Al Cody. Needing money for the abortion, Davis agrees to an immediate $200 rather than royalties. Davis looks to set up the appointment for the abortion, only to learn that payment will not be necessary, as he has credit with the gynecologist's office due to already having paid for the same procedure two years earlier on behalf of another woman who did not go through with it or inform Davis of her decision to raise the child in her hometown of Akron, Ohio.

While talking to Jean at a café, Davis sees what he believes to be the Gorfeins' cat, captures him, and returns him to them that evening. Asked to perform a song after dinner, he reluctantly plays "Fare Thee Well", a song he had recorded with his old partner, Mike. When Mrs. Gorfein starts to sing Mike's harmony, Davis becomes angry and tells her not to. She leaves the table crying, then returns with the cat, having realized it is the wrong gender and thus not theirs. Davis leaves, taking the cat along.

Davis rides with two musicians driving to Chicago: the laconic beat poet Johnny Five and the jazz musician Roland Turner. During the trip Davis discloses that his musical partner, Mike Timlin, died by suicide.

At a roadside restaurant, Roland collapses from a heroin overdose. The three stop on the side of the highway to rest. When a police officer tells them to move on, he suspects that Johnny is drunk and tells him to get out of the car. Johnny resists and is arrested. Without the keys, Davis abandons the car, leaving the cat and the unconscious Roland behind. In Chicago, Davis auditions for Bud Grossman, who says Davis is not suited to be a solo performer but suggests he might fit into a new trio Grossman is forming. Davis rejects the offer and hitchhikes back to New York. Driving while the car owner sleeps, and distracted by the nighttime lights of nearby Akron, he hits a cat; it slowly limps into the woods as Davis watches.

Back in New York, Davis uses his last $148 for back dues to rejoin the Merchant Marine union, and visits his ailing father. He searches for his seaman's license so he can ship out, but it had been in the box he told his sister to trash. Davis returns to the Union Hall to replace it, but cannot afford the $85 fee. He visits Jean and she tells him she got him a gig at the Gaslight.

At the Gaslight, Davis learns that Pappi, the manager, also had sex with Jean. Davis drunkenly heckles a woman as she performs on stage and is thrown out. He goes to the Gorfeins' apartment, where they graciously welcome him. There, he learns that the novelty song is likely to be a major hit with massive royalties. He is amazed to see that their actual cat, Ulysses, has found his way home.

In an expanded version of the film's opening scene, Davis performs at the Gaslight. Pappi teases Davis for his heckling the previous evening's singer and tells him that a friend of his is waiting in the alley. As he leaves, Davis watches a young Bob Dylan perform. Behind the Gaslight, Davis is beaten by the shadowy suited man for having cruelly heckled his wife, the previous night's performer. Davis watches as the man leaves in a taxi, bidding him "Au revoir".

لوین دەیڤس، گۆرانیبێژێکی شەعبیی سەربەخۆ و سۆڵۆیە: لە ململاندایە لەگەڵ ئەو "ویستانەی" بازرگانیی لە سنووری پیشەسازیی مۆسیقادا بۆیان تێدەکۆشێ.

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