ImMature Review

Amish Gupta
  • 3.5/5
Crisp and cool

In a space filled with shows that take themselves way too seriously, Immature is a welcome addition. Focused on the tender teen years, replete with hormone-addled confusions and heartbreaks, it fully embraces the flawed, entitled viewpoints its characters inhabit, even going so far as to call itself ‘Immature’. The background score and the stellar acting talents of the supporting cast help add to the series’ charm.

You probably won’t see much character development here. The personalities these actors portray stay anxious, filled with self-doubt and awkward throughout the show. I myself am partial towards redemption stories with a moral silver-lining, and while Immature isn’t one of them, it is a well-told story that promises to keep you entertained and leave you nostalgic for your school days.

Series ticks a lot of boxes and provides an entertaining enough experience.