• 4.5/5

One of the most delightful films at this year's Sundance festival. Ricky (Julian Dennison) has been shuttled from foster home to foster home and labeled a "bad egg". He's taken in by Bella and Hec who live on the edge of the bush in New Zealand. Hec (Sam Neill using his gruff I don't like kids schtick from the Jurassic movies times one hundred) doesn't want Ricky around, but tolerates him for Bella's sake. They give Ricky a dog he names Tupac!

Tragedy strikes, and Hec and Ricky are forced to go on the lam in the bush wilderness. Taika Waititi, the director, plays a priest in the film, in a hilarious scene. This movie is full of laughs. It's absolutely wonderful. I didn't know Taika Waititi before the fest, but he was a riot at the Q&A for this film, and as the MC for the Sundance awards ceremony. He's slated to direct Thor 3, and I have high hopes now for that film, having seen his wacky sense of humor on screen and in person.

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