• 4.5/5

This is an absolutely incredible documentary told from inside a cult. Will Allen was a member of a cult for 20 years, and during that time was the videographer for the cult so he had archive footage for most of that timespan. Will entered the cult through his sister after his parents rejected him for coming out as gay. Buddhafield was led by Michel and in the beginning of the film, you can actually see how these lost souls found a community through this charismatic leader. Interspersed with interviews by ex-cult members, you see how much they initially got from their belonging to the group. And then how horribly things went south, and ultimately fell apart.

The film is a fascinating look from the inside. Michel became a megalomaniac and sexually abused several young men in the cult, the director included. Several members who had left the cult were there at the showing we attended.

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