• 4/5

Though Not really a must watch but has an excellent script. You can feel character Rishu growing inside you. Deserves to be released in Big screen. Interesting show of expectations, desire and reality. Good dialogues.

But critics have movie bad reviews. May be I know its reason. I feel like a good love story is unsuccessfuly converted to a clever crime thriller. Movie was advertised as clever crime movie but it didn't turn out to be much clever and is rather predictable. But if you ignore crime and clever part of movie you would rather love this movie like me.

!!!Spoiler AHEAD!!!

There was rather a irony in the script. During movie in one of his dialogue Rishu tells that he is a simple man and not a hero..... But in end he was shown a hero afterall.

As i told you script would have done better if it would not have been converted into clever.