• 4/5
Another Entertaining chapter

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a film directed by David Yates. I was quite excited to watch this chapter of the film as it was the one that was closer to the final 2 chapters. And I can say it was an entertaining venture.

Plot: Harry Potter stumbles upon an old potions textbook belonging to the Half Blood Prince.

Story and direction: This film marked the return of Steve Kloves as screenwriter after Goblet of Fire. And he had again a daunting task of matching with David Yates’ vision. But I can say they really did it. The film on a story basis has nothing much to offer. But the character work is so awesome that you can even forget the story part for some time. The characters progress has been shown over the years and that is one aspect this film is to be noted for. We see the characters having realized what love is and also whether or not they are on the good side or bad side. The conflicts are very well written and portrayed by the actors. Also very much noticeable is the photography used. I was just instantly attracted to it. The dull kind of palette suited the environment in which the film is set in. No wonder it was nominated for an Academy Award. Also the VFX are commendable especially in the Quidditch Sequence. That was just wonderful. Even Nicholas Hooper’s score does wonders. My other problem with the film was the main title itself. The Half-Blood Prince as the title suggests has very little importance in the film. As the film progresses I did feel the makers just forgot the title they kept.

Performances: The cast of the film is just awesome and pin-pointing out their performance would be equal to a sin. I would although like to mention Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. He was a character that was quite much different in tone to the other films. And I commend Tom for justifying Draco’s character beautifully. This film introduces Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn. His character was very nicely portrayed by Broadbent. Also introduced is Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy. Although the role was small but it was emoted perfectly.

Favorite Scene: It would be the one where Ron is lying in the hospital and Lavender Brown comes to see him. Standing beside Ron is Hermione. And Ron utter Hermione’s name to Lavender’s disappointment. The smile on Hermione’s face was very evident and it showed the future that lies ahead of these two characters. In addition to that, I felt happy for these two characters.

Verdict: Although a bit weaker in terms of plot in comparison to the previous instalments, I cannot deny from the fact that I had a good time while watching the film. Never for a moment I felt I was watching a bad movie.

I am going with an 8.5/10.