• 4/5
The Chamber of Fun

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a film directed by Chris Columbus. After watching the first film which I liked a lot, I was pretty excited for the second part. After watching it I can say that I enjoyed this particular part too.

Plot: Harry Potter is warned by Dobby, a House elf not to attend Hogwarts School of Magic as danger awaits him.

Story and direction: This film is one of those rare sequels which improve upon the first. This film doesn't take time to set up things. But instead we are immediately thrown into action. Also introduced are some new characters which impressed me like Lucius Malfoy and Ginny Weasley and another one not being of much importance like Gilderoy Lockhart. If this character was removed it wouldn't be much of a loss to this film. The funny scenes also feel funny and not forced. John Williams' score is again awesome and I can just hear it again and again. The film deals with another theme which I liked a lot the way it was handled. As for the VFX, although it has improved much from the first part but still there are some imperfections. There is some animatronic work with creatures which were excellent. It felt like the creatures were real and would jump out of the screen. The sets are massive and adorable. The action scenes in this film were great.They were so believe-able that I had goosebumps. Even though the film is longer than the first part, I felt much more entertained by this film. Chris Columbus and Steve Kloves have again done a wonderful job in providing us another chapter in this universe that not only makes us happy but also makes you feel for the characters in those particular settings. This film does have a post credit scene but I didn't think that the film did need that.

Performances: All of the regular cast members did an outstanding job. Jason Isaacs was bad (in a good way) as Lucius Malfoy. Kenneth Branagh was also good in the material that was provided to him. Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley did a fine job. The voice of Dobby by Toby Jones was awesome. I didn't know that he voiced Dobby until I read it in the internet.

Favorite Scene: It would be one where Hagrid consoles Hermione about her parents being muggle and both Harry and Ron providing support to her. This scene showed not only showed the strong bond between the kids but also how much Hagrid cares for Harry's gang.

Verdict: For a sequel, this film just ticks all the boxes. I had a great time with this film. It improved upon the first and also opened many new doors for the future films. I just can't wait to see what this series has yet to offer me.

I am going with an 8.5/10.