Racy,briliant. New favourite on primetime TV.
Game of Thrones is a medieval drama-fantasy series based on the series of books- 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R. Martin,the first of which is called 'A Game of Thrones'. The main theme of the book/series is,as the title suggests the royal battle between seven fictional kingdoms for gaining authority over the 'iron throne'. The series acutely shows the medieval pattern of life,ethics and royal politics-the shrewd means of war,the stereotypes of society,the hierarchical patterns and behavior and is very intriguing in its portrayal of distinct and powerful characters. Not the first of its kind,but certainly different in its thrilling content and perfect presentation,Game of Thrones has become the new favorite in prime-time television,despite being criticized for the gory war-scenes,vulgar deaths and overtly sexual contents,
The first season shows the benevolent king of the north,Eddard Stark getting entangled in a murder and the family brawl of power-struggle between the Baratheons and the Lannisters. We see the carefree Baratheon ruler being killed and subsequently the conspiracy of the Lannisters makes Eddard Stark get all the more embroiled in the grim world of treachery and murder and is beheaded. This is the climax of the first season,post which the power conflict between royal families and ministers take a new turn. New relationships are etched and more and more tragic betrayals take place. Newer families get entangled in the conflicts creating greater confusion. The quintessential human greed for power is depicted through these conflicts,gruesome battles and unexpected tragedies that these lead to,make the storyline terse with suspense,horror,tantalizing action and unpredictable twists. Human nature is also explored in its most nascent,uncivilized state-the medieval world the storyline is based,it is neither status nor education decides one's future,rather it is the power and self-aggrandizing politics that ensures one's survival. But there are mysterious creatures as well,whose identity cannot be justified and they make the whole concept of human survival and death,a farce. Hence the world of Game of Thrones is a bit of politics,and myth,and history,and mystery all of which combine to form a racy,and thrilling plot which has been running successfully since four seasons.
With a brilliant set,screenplay and cast Game of Thrones is the series to watch out for.
Game of Thrones is a Medieval Fantasy Drama produced by HBO.Adapted from George R.R Martin's series of fantasy novels titled A Game of Thrones.The show boasts an Star studded cast consisting of Sean Bean,Peter Dinklage,Emilia Clarke and so on.The basic plot is set on fictional continents of Westeros and Essos interweaves several plot lines of seven noble families all in war for the Iron Throne.Through its morally ambiguous characters, the series explores issues of social hierarchy, religion, civil war, sexuality, crime and punishment.Brilliant screenplay and acting makes this series a must watch!
The stage is set for the great war to come. The opening episode features no battles, no large set-pieces of the sort the show has become renowned for, yet it is so engaging and unique that it once again reminds us that Game of thrones makers have the ability to shock and surprise us. As Cersei counts all her enemies from each direction, Euron joins the Mad queen in search of revenge. Jon rallies the north against the White walkers, as Arya sets off south to strike another name of her list. The episode ends with Daenerys reaching her home DragonStone, its beautiful how she says nothing the entire time and ends this mesmerising episode with one question "Shall we begin?" So as to signal the epicness this season is going to be!
Jon Snow! Don't die!! OHHH Hell yes! He lives!
GoT is probably the most epic fantasy drama series a mortal man would ever come across in his lifetime. I bet this series is one of the well-made adaptions of the book series.
Just a look at the opening intro font makes you realize how much polished is this show in every aspect of production. Every visible detail gets enough attention to achieve great quality. Except the most important one, the story.
Starting with the most obvious one, the story moves too slow. Sure GoT world is huge, there are many different worlds/cities/character/stories which enable to always show something "interesting" while taking a very small step in storylines that matter. But in the end it is still the choice to sacrifice storytelling quality for more screen time. In some cases the tempo of main storylines could be easily improved and some selfserving side stories completly cut off.
The main issue however is how GoT world is constructed. Martin just copypasted various stuff from historical/fantasy books and made minor or no changes at all. Everything you see you saw/read somewhere else because well he just took the things he liked from actually creative people and made this vast, epic world. For me in comparison to Carnivale (even if its a different fantasy genre) his world seems empty, disconnected between it parts. The links between characters seems rushed, have very little depth and are sometimes prematurly cut off just to make a shocking scene.
This whole show/books feel more like a reverse engineering product of what people are drawn to than a piece of art with some vision it should be. Even when you see reactions of people to some disgusting scenes, sure at first they're mad at the detail of the sadism shown but after a while they are glad they felt strong emotions just by watching a show. And GoT has far more of these simple psychological attention methods.
In the end its a pretty good show but it cares far more about the skin (that gives immediate attention) than about the soul (that will make you love the show even after everything is said and done)
A Game which blew our Minds!
First thing first, the only flaw of the movie is that it isn't unwatchable with a family. If that is not a issues, then welcome to the land of kings, knights, dragons and the White Walkers. Now I am just being unfair to the diversity of magical and non-magical the show has given its viewers. The variety of characters will pull you in, and the grotesque yet highly realistic potrayal of the era of killing will leave you biting your nails. I don't even get to talk about the cooler stuff because I can't think of ruining it for you. Just go, watch it. Words are meaningless.
Undoubtedly, this show in no time has become the talk of the town,the topic of gossips among a group of friends about who would be put to the throne everyone in the show has been fighting for.The love people has showered for GOT is such that in some part of the world, your are even judged on the basis if you watch this or not.This show has it all, family, romance(although in a much sensual sense), and mainly the internal politics,the actual highlight of the show.A winner all the way.
With great Graphics and #bestOfFantasy this show has been very popular in every nation and left people to wait excitingly for next seasons. Based on George R. R. Martin's novels it has #mindBlowing cinematography. Dragons, dead people and wolfs are seen fighting for there respective houses. A lot of #sexual scenes has been shown throughout the seasons. The director knows how to keep the audience waiting for the next episode.
Take out time to watch it
season 1 episode one: OK whats next..... season 1 episode 10 : 'GOOSEBUMPS' "No no no no, wait stop, don't, noooooo, shit, how could you?,, wait nooo, i can't believe it, shit."
since then I don't feel like we are in 21st century, every night i dream about dragons and white walkers.
I've started calling my mom dad as mother and father.
things required to watch GOT :
1. Guts
2. Memorizing power
3. Tears
4. Emotions
5. popcorn and drinks.
I love watching this series time and again, it never gets old.
waiting eagerly for next season in 2019. Hope you will too when you watch it
Dragons, Zombies, Magical swords, People coming back to life, Power hungry people, love, betrayal, sexy scenes oh, I am describing the best Hollywood Drama of the Century.

Game of Thrones or 'GOT', has almost a cult following. 7 seasons till now, GOT is very hyped up and rightly so. It has twists and turns you wouldn't even see coming till it hits you in the face.

Based in the fantasy land of Westeros, this seres has literally everything a person could ask for.
A #mindBlowing TV series. The show is #binding. Each episode leaves you in #suspense and builds a #promptness inside you to find out what happens next. If you think you have the show figured out then sorry to break it to you, you havent and majorly because of the #unexpected #twists and #turns. It may not be liked by all due to its #cruelty and #badass plot, but once youve grown #fond of the show you wont #miss a single episode.
Having not read the book, I was surprised by the series and found myself enjoying it so far immensely. It is full of love, murder, greed, betrayal this TV series is magnificent. Costumes, scenes, actors, everything is as it should be. It is truly George R.R. Martin's outstanding work come to life on the screen. It's a #mustWatch #visualTreat #breathTaking #mindBlowing TV series
I feel it's the best TV show till date.No one has ever created such a great mixture of action suspense emotion fantasies that can ever be made on this
and #epic #violent #intense #sweet #mustWatch it is difficult to express by word and feelings.Epitome of all tv shows.
The action of politics over relation. #mindBlowing
Lives will be lost, new allies will be made and the old relations will break.
Everyone will fight for the Iron Throne to be the Lord/Lady of the Seven Kingdoms.
Who will finally make it??
One of the #mustWatch Wonderful and awesome show with more than 5 seasons having various stories in different seasons... I loved the theme song.. In brief a #mesmerizing #entertaining #mindBlowing show I have ever watched