• 3/5
Scope of improvement

4 more shots by Anu menon, is about a group of four women who are unapologetically strong. This show starring a talented cast might have missed a mark.

The very basis of the show is feminism, and how modern day women tackle problems. From ambitious to exploring one’s own sexuality, this show does justice in normalizing a woman’s sexual needs and partners (men or women). Each of these woman represents a part of the society which has been shunned and looked down upon owing to the fact that women are “not supposed” to do it.

From showing their blunders to them getting high, this show’s message was genuine yet the over dramatization of the lives of these women makes it a bit unrealistic. The laughs are limited yet this series does dip a hand in dark humour, that too cracked by women.

Overall the show might have delivered the message clear, outlines why feminism is needed yet it fails to sour heights in entertainment, a scope of improvement in the writing maybe.

But, the show finale does give the audience a need or a want to watch the next season.