• 3/5

Four girlfriends and a crazy ride through 10 episodes showcase the bonds that girlfriends have. Very often, we have heard the saying that two girls can never be friends but most of us, girls, would agree that that is not true. Our truest support systems have been our girlfriends who have had our back through it all.

Four More Shots Please! highlights friendship among women and their unapologetic selves who refuse to bow down to patriarchy, have fun and, love and laugh through thick and thin. A pleasant and decent watch, it leaves you with a strong feeling at the end of each episode. The actors are powerful and dialogue delivery is amazing with the team taking a strong stance on various social issues like body shaming.

However, the show does start to drift away in bits and pieces with the show becoming slow paced at quite a lot of instances. You'd probably start to drift off right in the middle of an episode and it is your determination to see a women-centric show that takes you to the season finale.

If there is anything that is going to keep you going till the end, it is going to be Umang (Gurbani). She is fierce and carries the weight of the show through and through.