• 2/5

A new Prithviraj movie is worth a 40 minute drive, and his latest is Ezra which finally came to a few US theaters this weekend (it released in Kerala on Feb. 10). Margaret of Don"t Call It Bollywood and I met to see a matinee, and the movie was playing at a theater that doesn"t usually play Malayalam movies, so there was a sparse crowd. I didn"t see the 2012 horror film The Possession, but remembered the trailer with the family finding an antique box that turns out to house a dybbuk, an almost demon like spirit that possesses the body of a living person (from Jewish folk lore). The Yiddish word that dybbuk is derived from is "cling". Read the rest of my review and why Ezra about a Jewish demon/spirit was so hilarious to this board member of my synagogue. Oy. https://moviemavengal.com/2017/02/26/ezra-a-malayalam-horror-movie-about-a-jewish-dybbuk-that-i-found-hilarious/

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