Extraction Review

  • 3.5/5
Bajrangi Chrisjaan

If only someone could make some kickass action movies for us to enjoy during the lockdown!

Well, its seems our prayers have been answered. Netflix’s Extraction is out now, this is our review!

If this movie had come out in 1990s this would have been an action blockbuster. But this is the era of streaming and there is no way to gauge the quality of a film other than to see it or read reviews before hand.

Extraction is an old school action flick with new age techniques. The team behind the film is also responsible for Captain America Winter soldier, civil war, infinity war and endgame. With such a crew, the action is top notch, with shades of winter solider type camera work and kinetic movement. This could have been a Marvel movie quite easily.

The acting is adequate and Chris Hemsworth shows off his tragic Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson side… He is brooding, grieving and has a death wish. Randeep Hooda plays the kidnapped child’s guardian and he is really good in the film.

In between the action, there are some character building scenes which drag a bit, but overall the film flows pretty well and doesn’t lag too much. The story and plot is very simple, a Indian drug lord’s son has been kidnapped by his Bangladeshi rival and a team of mercenaries have been brought in to extract the child.

Plot wise I felt the film rather flowed like Terminator 2. That might be a strange comparison, but if you see the film, you will realize why I said so.

There is a 11 or 15 mins non stop one take action scene which is the highlight of the film. Though the ending climax fight is also good, the one take is the thing people will be talking about, something like what they achieved with Raid 2 but a bit more.

So if you are bored and want to see a full fledged action film on streaming, this is the right film for you!

Rating : 7.5/10 for being a solid action flick with great camera work.