Drive Review

  • 0.5/5
Crap, Utter Crap... Mega Crap.

Netflix is the Official dumping grounds for Bollywood. Latest in this garbage pile is Drive by Dharma productions. As the promos indicated, this so called ‘film’ is pure and unadulterated crap.

It has a decent star cast, Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandez Boman Irani and Pankaj Tripathi. But the acting is horrible, the direction seems to be done by a 5 year with attention issues. The film’s editing and look is terrible. It’s a wanna be Fast and Furious meets Oceans 11 type of film. But it fails hard in every single aspect.

The best (sarcasm) part of the film is the amazing top notch VFX which look straight out of a 90’s doordarshan show like Captain Vyom or Shaktiman. This is 2019 guys, not 1989! Geez!

The cars look comical and the CGI is not just fake its unbelievable. I have lost all respect for Netflix for putting up such a film on its site.

The plot... It involves a bunch of bad actors trying to make a shitty film... that's the plot of the film. Even sushant's acting is terrible in this. No one is even trying!

Rating : 1/10. Go see Race 3! Or Players! Those are really bad but still feel like a properly made movie! This is a joke vomited out in the name of entertainment.

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