I wanted to watch this film in theaters but somehow, I didn’t get the chance. I had seen the trailer during a YouTube ad and it caught my attention. There were also banners of orange outside the theaters playing the movie. Now that Dharmaveer is on OTT, I finally got a chance to see this film.
Despite living in Navi Mumbai (District Thane), I had never heard of Anand Dighe till I saw this film. The time he was active in politics, I had zero interest in the same. So just like the story of this film, which introduces us to a clueless reporter, sad about missing her first Bollywood party and being forced to cover some obscure politician’s death anniversary, I too started the film totally blank.
The film’s screenplay does an excellent job of slowly unravelling to viewers who Anand Dighe was as a person and his accomplishments.
Direction :
The film is rather well made, despite some slow sequences, it is well directed. Because regional cinema doesn’t get the care and attention to detail that mainstream Bollywood does, that is no reason for a film not to be well made. Good film making doesn’t require budget, it needs vision.
The film is also shot well without going overboard. They kept the style of cinematography natural and free flowing rather than trying some failed tricks like in Sarkar 2.
Acting :
Prasad Oak is very realistic and believable as the lead. It doesn’t even seem like acting. He embodies the character rather well. The rest of the cast, playing Anand Dighe’s protégées etc. are also competent. Not one performance is out of character or hammy. Often overlooked, Marathi actors are tremendous performers. Sadly, Bollywood rarely thinks so, hope that changes in the future.
Overall , since all the people in the film are based on real people, the casting team has done an phenomenal job. Every known politician face matches the actors and by the end this starts to feel more like a docu-drama than a fictional film.
Overall :
The film is rather well made, it’s a worth watch for everyone who wants to know more about this person who changed so many lives and who is remember till date in his area of Thane. The music is also well done, the title track playing behind is powerful and without the strong music, the movie might have fallen flat. It manages to evoke the correct emotions and also educates the audience about who this person was and why his legacy still lives on to this day.

Rating : 8/10. A must watch for fans of biopics. Anyone who follows current politics might also find this film very interesting.