Delhi Crime Review

  • 4/5
Tear jerking

Remember that cold December evening when one of our sisters was brutally raped? Remember the days that passed after, with protests seeking revenge, seeking justice? I am sure we all do.

Delhi Crime provides us with the back story, shows us how the Delhi Police worked day and night to nab the culprits, how they relentlessly gave up everything else to bring them to justice. This December night has been etched very clearly in the minds of all Indians. We have all lived through the pain. Nirbhaya case is the incident that changed the country, that woke people up to the harshness of our reality.

Delhi Crime details out the entire incident; it does not leave out the gory, gruesome details, so don’t watch it if you are faint hearted. But, if you can, make this the first Indian series that you watch now. Brilliant acting from the actors will make sure that you feel the angst and the anger in your bones as you see it.