• 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]

Having watched the original British Series "Criminal Justice" and the remake "The Night Of", seeing an Indian remake with brilliant actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Meeta Vashishth and Jackie Shroff made me immediately watch the mini series. Something that I had expected from before hand was that the story won't be as surprising after watching the other two versions multiple times remained. But, one thing that got me hooked into the series was Pankaj Tripathi's performance. After finishing the series, I was blown out of my mind watching his performance because I never thought anybody apart from John Turturro (in the American Remake) could nail that character. I almost fell in love with the character of Madhav Mishra seeing his determination towards proving Aditya innocent, despite struggling his own personal fights.

Another character that really caught my eye was Mustafa (played by Jackie Shroff). Even thought the basic storyline of all the three versions of Criminal Justice is the same, the treatment and character development were different and in the other two versions, I had a hard time understanding the character of Freddy Graham (Criminal Justice) and Freddy Knight (The Night Of) but Jackie Shroff's Mustafa made me actually understand what he was trying to play at with our main protagonist and why. He was selfish for his own reasons but at the same time, he made it easier for Aditya to survive in a den full of lions. The process of how he turned Aditya from a scared lamb to a lion was mind blowing.

Though I feel Vikrant Massey's performance didn't actually hit my mind like Riz Ahmed's (Naz) did. This is the only thing that I felt made me give the 3.5 stars rating to this show otherwise it could've been a straight 4.5/5