• 3.5/5
Worth to watch

It is the story of the Mumbai city wherein starts with the assassination attempt on one of the famous political figure Ameya Gaikwaad. On the way he is showered with bullets by some anonymous bikers and is immediately rushed to the hospital. While the elections around the corner the question arises of who will lead his place. Naturally, Ashish Gaikwaad, son of Ameya Rao considers himself way too suitable for the seat. However, Jatin want to push aside Ashish because he knows that the seat will be at stake if he takes over and hence convinces Poonam, daughter of Ameya Rao to stand for the seat. Ashish is a hot headed and a tardy person whereas Poonam is a simple and an innocent housewife. the chief minister of the state supports Ashish wheres Jatin supports Poonam to take over the seat. Things go out of shape when Ashish and Poonam stand against each other and are ready to do anything to take over the seat. Watch the drama unfold and finally who gets the seat.