Broken Review

  • 3.5/5

A documentary series that reveals the lesser knows realities of the trendy, cult-y products, “BROKEN”- is informative albeit rather unengaging.

There are currently 4 episodes in the series, and they manage to cover very surprising if not shocking truths about a variety of consumer products that are unsafe, unethical or misleading. From counterfeit make-up markets to flimsy furniture making giants, the true cost of fast, cheap and easy products eventually catches up.

Research work behind episodes seems apt and accurate and there really is a lot to learn from the series. However, the presentation of facts is dull and can get monotonous for a few viewers. For episodes nearly an hour long, the very serious, ‘Vice’ like ethos of the show could use some loosening up.

Go for it. Afterall, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge.