• 3.5/5

A friend organized a group outing to see Bad Moms at our local theater with waiters to take food orders (and alcohol!). The waitress told me there were 150 women and ONE man in the audience. One poor husband had come along (and he was in line behind us!). It was raucous. I laughed SO HARD partly because I was in an audience full of moms. I'm not sure the movie will be nearly as funny to wider audiences. And Mila Kunis is the lead (supposedly she got pregnant in the film at 20.) Interesting that the film was written and directed by two men. The end credits showed each actress with their own real mom, talking about embarrassing bad mom moments. It's a silly movie but was absolutely hilarious. Not sure it will appeal to younger audiences, but it was nice to have a comedy movie for a little bit older adult viewers. That drunk supermarket scene will be one I think of and laugh about for a long time.

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