Andhadhun Review

  • 5/5
Just go see it blindly!

2007’s Johnny Gadaar Was a pretty good crime thriller, but since then Sriram Raghavan has given use agent Vinod and badlapur. Both were sort of duds… So I hesitated to go spend my money on this film…

But during the second weekend (when I went to see First man – empty theater) this film was running house full! This piqued my curiosity and I went to see this film on Sunday morning (A rarity for me!)

So this review is a week too late, but it doesn’t matter… this film is here to stay and you can catch it next week as well !

So now for the review itself…

Andhadhun is about a blind piano player and the hijinks he gets up while leading a life of lies…

Plot :

The film is a slow burn thriller but it is brilliantly crafted! The plot is somewhat slow, but never boring. The characters interesting and not too mundane. This reminds me of the 70s thrillers which had realistic people in them but who went to crazy lengths to get their goals. Finding the balance between real people and their over the top actions is difficult and it’s something this film has managed beautifully.

Acting :

Everyone is natural in their roles. I personally cannot stand Radhika Apte, but she is fine in this film and quite tolerable. Part of the reason is that she is an important plot device but her character doesn’t have much to do… Tabu is excellent in the film, she looks her role. Beautiful, yet tired and old. She portrays an ex-actress with perfection! Aayushman is seamless in his role, you forget he is acting after a while its so natural! Rest of the cast is excellent too. Most of them have one or two memorable lines and scenes. No one is really wasted by the director.

Direction :

This is the type of film this director excels at and he really should stick to this genre of 70ish thrillers with a sound plot. The film making style is comparable to Guy ritchie’s and Scorcese minus the quick cuts and more of a steady build up rather than typical gangsters crap story. The pace of the film is more or less even and doesn’t let down or speed up much. But there in lies the brilliance… gruesome events are shown in a nonchalant way to shock the audience without cheap tricks! That’s a master at work!

Overall :

This film is pure gold for the lovers of this director’s first and second film and of thrillers in general. The acting, the plot and everything really comes together. Comparable to this year’s blackmail, but much more shocking and crackling than that film too… this movie is a must watch!

Rating : 8/10.