NOW I get it. When Aditya Roy Kapoor did his solo numbers at the Dream Team concert in Chicago, the girls in the crowd went crazy, especially when he covered one of the dancers with his jacket.

And it was because he was lip syncing the two big songs from Aashiqui 2 [Love], Sunn Raha Hai Na Tua and Tum Hi Ho.

I'vebeen suffering with what I think is a bad sinus infection for days and haven"t felt up to watching anything with subtitles as I couldn"t even concentrate. Margaret at Don"t Call It Bollywood mentioned that she's going to write a review of Aashiqui 2 soon, and I realized that I should really watch it before OK Jaanu comes out next weekend. I rented it last night from Amazon streaming, but I'm a little worried something may have been cut in their copy as the run time was only 2 hours 6 minutes.

I have not seen the classic 1954 Judy Garland A Star is Born, but I have the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson version from the "70"s. Aashiqui 2's plot is completely A Star Is Born. Successful male takes talented woman under his wing, and then her career eclipses his as he declines into alcoholism.

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