• 3/5

Aagadu (He Will Not Halt) is a 2014 action comedy starring Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu as a super cop, the Indian superhero genre. On Friday night I was glued to news of the military coup in Turkey, but I just couldn"t take all the bad news with that chaos on top of the massacre in Nice. It was too much, and I needed something crazy to get my mind off it all. Telugu films are great for that, and this one was particularly crazy. Aagadu is not the greatest movie in the world, and it's certainly not the best Mahesh Babu film, but it made me laugh. Evidently it was not his most successful film, but it was an enjoyable watch. The director, Srinu Vaitla, had previously made the hit film Dookudu with Mahesh Babu (which I really liked.) And, I"ll admit it, I just like Mahesh Babu in a cop uniform. Aagadu mixes the comedy with some more serious drama of an orphan boy adopted by a policeman, who takes the blame for a fatal accident for his adopted older brother. He's sent to reform school, but his only goal is to become a cop like his estranged adopted father. Telugu action films I expect to be over the top in their violent action scenes, but the director and Mahesh seemed to delight in taking it even more over the top, for the amusement value. Mahesh even references many of his past films, and there's a running gag of him conning the crooks that they"re just like his long lost brother, who"_..insert plot of Dookudu, Okkadu, etc. I was glad I"d seen a number of Mahesh Babu films so I was in on the joke, but the subtitles also pointed out which movie he was referencing. I recently watched the Malayalam film Neram, and the language play comedy in the film went right over my head. This film veered towards slapstick comedy, but it made me laugh out loud. Read the full review here: https://moviemavengal.com/2016/07/18/aagadu-the-silly-telugu-movie-i-needed-with-all-the-bad-news-lately/

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