2.0 Review

  • 4.5/5
Shankar has done it again! Hands Down!

First of all, let me clear one thing that I am not anyone's diehard fan here from this film. I am a diehard fan of an entertaining film, irrespective of its cast, language and country. Though, being an Indian, I feel connected with Indian movies more. So, when I came to know about the biggest project of Indian Cinema, which is 2.0, I got excited. I even went to watch the teaser of it in nearest PVR Cinemas just because it's in 3D. I was not very happy after seeing the teaser. It didn't look like a 500cr+ movie at all. Then I saw its trailer. It had wonderful background score by A.R. Rahman, but the freshness or you can say the feeling was missing in visuals. Many were laughing at 2.0 that it'll going to be an another bad experience just like Thugs. Having all of these in my mind, I went to watch it Today.

Believe me, my ticket price got redeemed in the very first minute of the film. Yes, you read it right. Before even any scene, my money got redeemed. How! It's just that the titles have wonderful 3D effects which no one has ever seen it in any movie. If you can watch it in 4DX, please go for it. Unfortunately, no shows are in 4dX here. In normal 3D also, the film looks stunning. Don't miss it in 3D!

The film has one very good thing, which is- entertaining screenplay. Shankar has done his job absolutely fantastic. He has written atmost entertaining screenplay for 2.0. Film never looses you even for a second. Abbas Tyrewala has written Hindi dialogues, and they are really good.

The second half starts with an emotional sequence. From where the film will lead us to the action sequences in the climax. All I can say is that emotional sequence could have been made better, but whatever is there, can be enjoyed fully. We can be able to see Akshay Kumar in a different role. Amyjackson looks stunning as Neela. She plays her part effectively.

Then comes the man, the Thalaiva, Superstar Rajnikanth. He is outstanding. There is a surprise factor of him as well. You are gonna love him. Also, don't miss the post credit scene after Tu Hi Re song. It has the best character of this film in it! It is hard to believe but there is no song in the film, like in the south Indian film! Actually, there is no space for any song, and I'm very glad that they did not push anything randomly. Just a Kailash Kher song is there in the background, which is likable because of its story telling and visuals.

The after effect of 2.0 is very personal. You have to keep the lesson which this film is giving out. Earth is not only for humans, so we don't have any rights to treat her badly. This film strongly has the potential to be an international level movie. And thus, it will make Indian Cinema proud.

For Shankar, the man who always discovers new things on celluloid, who has guts to create this type of epic, who has absolutely high visions that can never be matched, you have to see this film in 3D. Else, you will regret. For Shankar only, you can not rate this film. Because after seeing the film, you will feel proud that this film has been made in your country. Hands down!

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