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  • 4/5
Loaded with vfx. Packed with performances. Delivering a message.

This is a non-spoiler review of 2.0, a 2018 film starring Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in pivotal roles.

VFX in Indian Cinema has evolved a long way up. Starting from Ra.one, which met with universal acclaim for its special effects, to 2.0, which has shown that VFX in Indian cinema is no more thrashy or sloppy. This film was announced on a budget of 450 crores(which subsequently increased more), and this thing drew a lot of attention. Everyone was excited for the film, and it looks like the wait of almost 3 years was worth of something. It is a sequel of 2010 film Enthiran, although there's nothing in common between both the movie, apart from Rajnikanth and a bit of the story.

Now let's get on the film.


It continues from the point where Enthiran left, with Chitti, the robot dismantled and has moved on. Dr. Vaseegaran, the scientist who made Chitti, has made another robot, Nila(Amy Jackson), just for assistive work. All is going well until a threat bloomes over the state, with all the cellphones being vanished and a giant, monstrous bird flying over the city and attacking its people. How Chitti and Vaseegaran deal with it, and why the bird is attacking everyone , forms the rest of the story.

There's a very good social message dealt in the film, which can be connected universally. It also provides a good conformity to Kumar's character in the film, and you can completely symphatize with his actions.

I think his character was being considered as the main in the film by the writers. They have paid much attention to his character. The plot has been kept very simple, with not much of science involved with it, so that people can understand and relate to it. There's a bit of humour in between to ease the moment, as the script has been kept very tight and it does not sways away from the main plot as there's no melodrama, romance or songs in between. It catches up to the plot and stays right on the track until the last minute. That's a major advantage of dealing with a film on an international level.


All the cast has done a great job, with special praises to Rajni Sir and Akshay Kumar.True to say but, Akshay Kumar might have outshined every other antagonist of Indian Cinema. He beautifully displays each and every emotion of his character, and you will feel that he doesn't have any motive of ruling or destroying the world without any reason or just to show his valour. He has a reason to do so(which I will not talk about here as it's a non-spoiler review), and the emotional flashback shown reveals the reason.

His dedication is praiseworthy. The hours he spent on the makeup might have irritated anyone. But the patience bears a sweet fruit. He got a strong foot in Tamil cinema with his role.

Rajni Sir is as ever fantastic. He has nailed all his roles in this film. It doesn't look that he is over 60 years of age. As Vaseegaran, Chitti, 2.0 and a special charatcer( not to talk about here), he is delightful to watch. Hats off to his dedication and style.

Amy Jackson as Nila is also good. She has been there in the script just for easing the moment and providing some humour. Her supporting role to Vaseegaran is good.

Rest of the cast has done a decent job.

Technical Aspects:

Visual Effects are jaw-dropping and a landmark of Indian Cinema. All the wait of 3 years has turned out to be a visual spectacle. The money invested over this film has proved to be a good investment. Sound Editing is also good. The modulation in Akshay KUmar's voice is good to hear. All the fight scenes are a visual treat. The climax, according to me, is the heart and soul of the visual aspect of the film.

Direction, Screenplay & Music:

Shankar is the gem of Indian cinema. He chose a social topic and made a whole film on it. No flaws in his direction. His visualization is hard to match and find. All his hard work and dedication is clearly evident in the film. His tight and gripping screenplay is the soul of the film. It always stays on the plot. Although he could have added more humour and shelved off some. But still, he did a great job. It's good to see that Indian Cinema is not around the corner for those melodramas with all dance and ssongs in every 15-20 mins. Shankar has touched the hollywood level.

Since there are no songs in the movie , apart from the one in the end credits, so the thing left is Background Score. Rahman has given good score, which fits the scene , but I feel that it won't be enough to give goosebumps. It could have been better, but it was good.


You can thoroughly enjoy this visual flick to the fullest. And to the more only in 3D. Kumar and Rajni will always be around the corner to impress you, and the visual effects will leave you awestruck.

My Rating:9.5/10




Visual Effects:10/10


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