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Last night I watched this Malayalam DVD I had purchased awhile back. It has the same actors in the romantic pair as OK Kanmani. These actors are so versatile doing Tamil one year, and Malayalam the next!

So, it doesn't measure up to OK Kanmani. (Or Bangalore Days) This was a debut directorial feature. It had some gem moments, and Dulquer was trying his best to be his charming self, but he's playing a guy who really is lost and trying to find his way. Just the character wasn't as appealing as the one in Bangalore or OKK.

One review I saw on Letterboxd called it 100 Days of Stalking. I didn't think it was quite that bad.

It's a riff in a way on 500 Days of Summer. The movie opens with Dulquer speaking directly to the audience, that this is going to be a story about 100 Days of his life, and that first he was miserable because of a break up. Cut to him seeing ex-girlfriend has new boyfriend on Facebook, and he posts something unwise. He does quite a few stupid things while drunk, actually, in the film.

Then he meets a girl when they both get in a taxi at the same moment in the rain. He is thunderstruck by her smile, and gives her the taxi. She has dropped her bag which has an old fashioned camera.

He has a best friend who owns a video game shop. They plot together how to find the girl, just like going through levels in a video game -- little homage to Scott Pilgrim. They develop the pictures and try to figure out where the pictures were taken in Bangalore to try to find her.

This is the part I guess they mean by the stalking, but they're trying to get an expensive camera back to someone.

They do reconnect, but in a different coincidental way, and then she realizes he was her bully tormentor back in grade school. Cute flashback scenes.

She is almost engaged to a rich Rahul -- and there's where all the DDLJ references and jokes come in. He drives a white fancy car, reminiscent of the Lamborghini at the beginning of DDLJ.

She strikes up friendship with BKN (Dulquer) -- and I had to google the wiki half way in, because his name is funny. Balan K. Nair, which evidently is the name of a character actor who was always the villain and tried to rape women all the time. Her name is Sheela -- which I learned later is the name of an old time movie heroine or actress or something. So just their names are filmi references alone. He asks her to "choose the villain for once."

The final scenes are in a train station, and then the ramp up to DDLJ time really gets in gear, with the DDLJ music swelling as a woman runs for the train with Dulquer leaning out -- and she runs past him to a white guy. Funny, but not hilarious.

There is also a crazy scene where Dulquer is dressed up as the Joker from Batman (always the villain, get it") and then shows up at her house drunk to tell her he loves her.

THIS was my favorite song. It's like her Janam Janam fantasy song with beautiful images, and references back to Shree 420 and other old Indian films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI7UIlMgT00

So, it's not the best movie ever, but it's cute.

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